Assistant Principal's Message

Welcome to Tilak High School website

It is with great enthusiasm that I relay my message to the visitors of Tilak website.
It was my wish to return as a teacher to this prestigious institution – Tilak High School sometime in my life. Lo and Behold, 2018 had been a very lucky year for me to be transferred at Tilak high School as an Assistant Principal. This was a dream come true.

My secondary education was at Tilak and I am proud to say that I was one of the pioneers of Year 13 students in the year 1986. 

Being an Assistant principal at a large school is not an easy or plain-sailing job. There are many challenges and tasks that has to be accomplished as the weeks and months roll away. This institution gives every member of the staff to EXCEL in his or her facult. The school is quite well equipped with resources such as internet services. Multi-media projectors are installed in all classrooms with audio speakers and whiteboards.

Moreover, printing of subject related documents or general information is definitely allowed. The eLearning system is widely encouraged and most of the teachers make full use of it. The teachers also enjoy the use of SMARTBOARDS in the school. The school has a huge hall where all the school functions are held.

One would be really surprised to see the way assembly is conducted with the TILAK BAND and the KALA PARTY BOYS.
At Tilak, there is a wide culture of students. There are students as far as South Korea and Japan. All the festivals of all ethnic groups are celebrated. The students are given full opportunity to participate in sporting activities such as soccer, rugby, basketbal , netball and hockey and above all the DUKE OF ENDINGBURGH INTERNATIONAL AWARDS program(DEIA) .

The TEAM TILAK is well aware of environmental and Health issues,
With so much happenings at Tilak, the FOCUS on ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENTS is always kept in mind by students as well as teachers.

LABORARE  EST  ORARE – WORK  IS  WORSHIP is the school’s motto .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
Mr. Krishna Murti