TILAK HIGH SCHOOL was born of a vision. A vision to look beyond the ordinary; to foresee opportunities; to attain the unattainable; to create in-roads into newer vistas of change and above all, to bridge the demand-supply gap for the products and services that we offer. Time and again, TILAK HIGH SCHOOL has been strengthening its core areas of specialization. TILAK HIGH SCHOOL has been making a crucial positive impact. Across FIJI and the globe. Over time, Tilak High School has established an enviable reputation for quality service and cost effective technological capability, through far sightedness and professionalism.



Activities 2019

Prefects' Induction

“Coming together is the beginning, keeping together is progress, and working together is success”

Henry Ford.

Leadership requires one to be transparent and inspire others to walk on a treaded path that embodies fairness, honesty, humility and accountability. Hence, Prefects’ Investiture is an important activity on any school calendar as without the student leaders, teachers would be handicapped.

Likewise, Tilak High School observed this important activity on 8th February 2019 where the school acknowledges and appreciates the prestigious time taken out by the Honourable Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts, Madam Rosy Akbar, for inducting the 136 student leaders of Tilak High School  comprising of Executive Prefects, School Prefects, Form Captains, Assistant Form Captains and various monitors. 

The Honourable Minister in her keynote address highlighted on the importance of being a leader and the various responsibilities bestowed on these inductees. The Honourable guest of the ceremony herself is an inspiration to our young leaders, especially the female leaders who were encouraged to take the school a further step.Palvi Dewan, the Head Girl of the school, deliberated in her speech that Tilak High School has provided students with a platform to develop leadership qualities and said it is a privilege for her to be the Head Girl of such a reputed school in Lautoka.

Ravikaash Rajan, humbly took up the challenge of being the Head Boy of the school and pledges that he is going help each and every student as it would be a learning ground for him. Also, it would help him to exercise his practice in being a team leader.
The Student Council for the Year 2019 is headed by Ravikaash Rajan and Palvi Dewan.

Finally, the school appreciates the commitment and dedication of the School Counsellor, Mrs Razia Bano for being behind the success of this programme and is looking forward for her tremendous assistance towards the 2019 Student Council.

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The gleaming sun showered its blessing upon the Tilak Family at Churchill Park on 6th February and motivated the athletes to perform to their best to be the 2019 Inter House Champions. The Churchill Parkwas filled with glamour as the students with their teachers in their respective house colours poured in.

The four houses (Kacau, Mam, Kulawai and Vokai), namely in the local language, are represented by its colours depicting different endangered species of Fiji. Kacau (Fiji Petrel) is the Gold House; Kulawai (Parrot) the red house, Mam (Bariboce fish) represents Blue while Vokai (Crested Iguana) is the Green house.  

The Kacau House were once again crowned the overall champion after winning 30 Gold medals with 17 in Boys division and 13 in the girls division. Mam House edged out Kulawai to second place in Silver tally difference as both had 23 Gold medals on the standing while Vokai finished at 4th with 18 Gold medals.  This year the best dressed house went to Kulawai while the best cheer went to Mam.

The Interhouse competition was a two day event whereby some field events and the 3000m track event took place on 5th of February on the school premises and the rest of the events took place at Churchill Park the following day.

The spectators played a dynamic role in supporting their teams and attaining wins in the respective areas. Students had prepared banners and slogans to cheer for their respective houses. Many parents, former students of Tilak and many outsiders also filled the stadium as they came to watch and support the houses.

Tilak High School Inter-house 2019 was a great success and the appreciation goes to our Tilak family.  

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Tilak Day

“Advocating Changes and Celebrating Achievemets.”

The school has been celebrating Tilak Day since 1954. It is a day where we commemorate the life of our patron saint Lokamanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak. It is a day when students are reminded of our schools’ humble beginning and how students from our school have excelled in whatever field of study they pursue.







Together with Tilak Day , the school also celebrated TEST week and planted 30 plants.. Each TEST department ( Agriculture, Computer Studies, Home Economics and Industrial Arts) displayed their items in their booth.

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Bidding farewell, whether someone close to you is leaving, or whether you are the one who's leaving, is difficult. Of course, there's always something new to look forward to, but what you are leaving behind also matters and makes you wonder whether you will ever find this kind of friendship, work, or any other aspect of life that made you so comfortable and happy, ever again.


Farewell to Mr. Alvin Prakash Industrial Arts Department & Mr. Praneel Chand From Mathematics department.


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