The Tilak High School family is saddened at the sudden death of our beloved Vice-Principal Mr. William Eliesa on Wednesday (18/09/2019).

Late Mr. William leaves behind a legacy that will remain ingrained in Tilak history forever.

Our deepest condolences are with Late Mr. William Eliesa’s family and loved ones.

Gone too early is a wonderful soul
All looked up to him because he was bold
Innovation, education and climate change were his goals
And with passion, he talked about it all
His presence will be dearly missed
Especially by those whom he gently teased
Rest assured Sir, you’ve left a mark”

May his beautiful soul rest in eternal peace.

Principal, Staff, Trustees, Management Board and Students of Tilak High School.


Late Mr. William Eliesa (VP)
(12/12/1971 – 18/09/2019)

How does one get over the passing of a special member of our Tilak High school family? There aren’t many words to describe the loss of our Vice Principal – Late Mr William Eliesa.
It is with deep sorrow that I on behalf of the Tilak High School, Trustees, Management, Staff, students, parents, former students and well-wishers; wish to convey our heartfelt condolences to the grieving family of my dear colleague, late Mr. William Eliesa, the Vice Principal of the school.
We have, in the last couple of days remembered a lot of experience with William.
I have run out of adjectives trying to describe the larger than life person he was. A unique personality – indeed a colossal loss to us and the teaching fraternity.
Mr William will be missed dearly. His lifetime of dedication and self-sacrifice serve as a monument to the exemplary man he was. His humility, integrity, and hard work continue to inspire those who knew him. His office had an open door policy for staff, students and parents alike. A man who was very approachable as well as helpful and most of all possessed a great sense of humour.

He was an outstanding academic leader, worked very closely with Principals forging strong leadership at Tilak that produced excellent results topping the nation in certain subjects where students have scored 100% as well as highest aggregates in the nation. He ensured that all students were present to sit for the external exams even if it meant bringing children from home. Under his academic guidance Tilak High School continues to be ranked amongst the best academically at the national level.
He did not only drive cogently for academic achievement for every child at Tilak but also enthusiastically monitored and motivated the sports teams at the school. His passion for hockey and support has contributed immensely to the success of hockey at Tilak and winning the national titles.

He worked very closely with our former Principal Mr Sashi Singh and was instrumental in the Launching of our e-learning facility and preparing the ground work in launching Tilak High School’s pledge to Fiji’s COP23.
Mr Eliesa was a key player in Tilak being a “No Plastic Bag School”. I still remember how he sat at the office counter monitoring teachers, students and visitors alike reminding them all that Tilak is plastic free zone.

He actively assisted in reducing the school’s carbon footprint by being a key player in changing the mindset of all and campaigned vigorously for our attempt at “Thinking Globally and acting locally”.

Having had over 20 years’ experience in Teaching, and of that more than 15 years in Educational leadership roles late Mr Williams had the necessary expertise, acumen, personality, and proven intellectual capacity for an excellent educator and a leader.

Late Mr William had a very special place for THS. He considered Tilak as his second home and worked tirelessly for the school’s success.
Words are not enough to explain the amazing mentor, leader, and friend William was.
This is a very difficult time for us at Tilak. While there are no words to ease the pain. Mr William has truly left a legacy behind which is engraved in every heart present here today.
I humbly express my sincere gratitude to Mr. William’s family for bringing him to Tilak campus for his final respects
On behalf of our Hon. Minister for Education, PS Education, Headquarters Staff, Divisional Education Office, Heads of Schools in Lautoka, All Principals, THS trustees & management, All THS staff and students, and entire education fraternity, I would like to convey our deepest sympathies to the mourning family.
May you be blessed with all the strength during this times of difficulty.
Please know that we will always have Mr William in our thoughts and prayers.
You will forever be missed master William
Rest in Gods eternal love dear Colleague.

Mr Vinod K Sharan
Tilak High School

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