Vice Principal's Message

It is my pleasure to contribute a few words to this our Tilak web page. I first joined the school in the year 2000 as the Head of Department of Science, a promotion which I was so excited about and had big plans for the direction that I had planned to take the department towards. On reaching the school and taking up my appointment, I was amazed even back then how well stocked the school was and the facilities that were available back then.

Fast forward to 2014 and I am returning to Tilak High School as the acting Vice-Principal, the school has changed in leaps and bounds, a whole new block has been added to the school, the Jubilee building which houses an extremely well stocked Library, HOD offices, 2 IT laboratories, a sewing room, a cooking Lab and changing rooms for boys and girls with shower facilities.

In 2016, I was also privileged to be part of the school when our e-Learning platform was launched. This made Tilak High School the first and the only school in Lautoka to have this facility as a tool to facilitate and enhance the teaching and learning. Since the introduction of this facility, it has allowed our teachers to not only prepare interesting lessons but it has allowed the WHOLE WORLD or even UNIVERSE to be brought into the classrooms through interactive teaching programmes that uses the World-Wide Web.

Our students are in an ideal place to prepare them for studies beyond Tilak High School. This year we launched our NO Plastic Bag campaign in support of Fiji’s presidency and chair of COP23. We have also strived to be more prudent with the use of energy at the school and amongst other green practices we have changed all lighting in the school to the energy friendly LED bulbs and tube lights. I am also excited at the possibility of being part of Tilak High School’s future to take Tilak High School into the future and make it a leader amongst secondary schools in Fiji for academic excellence. God Bless Tilak High School, her students and teachers.

Mr. William Eliesa