Tilak High School knows that when it comes to education, there is no compromise. With respect to teachers, school facilities affect teacher performance, retention, commitment, and effort, while for students, school facilities affect health, behaviour, engagement, learning, and growth in achievement As such in line with pillar 3 of the education reform, Tilak High School continues to upgrade the school facilities.




The school library is equipped with 16 desktop computer with internet access for students. Students are granted full access to them during recess, lunch and research classes. The library is also installed with air conditions so that the students can use the library in a conducive learning environment. The library also has an overhead projector with an interactive board and surround speakers.



    All classrooms are equipped with the following:
    Overhead projector
    Surround speaker
    Projector screen
    White board
    Notice board
    All classrooms are tiled and the school runs a best form competition to provide intensive for class teachers and students to keep their classrooms appealing at all times.



    The priority at Tilak High School is to provide the best quality of learning and development, whilst keeping students and staff safe and healthy. Keeping healthy and avoiding illnesses is a big challenge in a context where interactions are encouraged. Therefore to maintain a high level of hygiene adequate facilities in schools is a must. As such all of the washroom facilities at Tilak High School are fitted with toilet paper dispensers, liquid soap dispensers and air freshener dispensers. Some washrooms are also fitted with paper towel dispensers.

    Our school has 4 washrooms available for students.1 for junior boys, 1 for junior girls, 1 for senior girls and 1 for senior boys.  There are also 2 change rooms available for the students so that they can change during their Physical Education classes and other sporting activities. The washrooms and change room are cleaned regularly to maintain proper hygiene for everyone.

    Computer Facilities

    The school has two computer labs which are equiped with full time internet service for staff and students. Both the labs are also equiped with overhead projectors and interractive boards.

    PEMAC Equipments

    The school has a varity of equipment for physical education classes. The department is with new and top of the range sporting goods to provide the best sporting experiance to the students. The school band also have the top of the range and new musical equipments which the students use on a daily basis for their practice and performance.