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School climate impacts all achievement. The culture of a school can foster cooperation, willingness and responsibility among other virtues.
Tilak Family builds connections between families and schools, teachers and teachers, teachers and students, and students and students to ensure the optimal development of all.

These connections provide the three essential ingredients for school success:
A willingness to learn: Without willingness, each interaction becomes a power struggle instead of a learning opportunity. Tilak Family brings all children, to a place of willingness through a sense of belonging.

Impulse control: Connection with others is the construct that literally wires the brain for impulse control. Tilak Family uses connection to encourage impulse control while teaching self-regulation skills in context.

Attention: Our attentional system is sensitive to stress and becomes engaged with positive emotions. Tilak Family reduces stress while creating an atmosphere of caring, encouragement and meaningful contributions. These components are essential for children to develop and apply sustained attention.

Tilak Family creates a fundamental shift in education and classroom management. This promotes intrinsic motivation, helpfulness, problem-solving and connection governs the classroom.


On 23rd June 2017 Tilak High School pioneered into uncharted waters at a school level.ie pledging its unwavering support for COP23 by adopting the theme “TILAK FOR SUSTAINABLE FIJI-SAY NO TO PLASTIC BAGS”
 “blue-green growth must be a mandatory priority for every nation and every global citizen. It is the path of economic growth which is through the utilisation of natural resources in a sustainable manner.” Address by The Honourable Minister for Education, Dr. Mahendra Reddy to the PACIFIC Update Conference at USP on the 20th June,2017.

Tilak High school, henceforth, will be LED friendly in order to decrease it’s current positive carbon foot print status. It is worth noting that Tilak High school has taken ownership in nurturing the concepts of sustainability by not only preaching but actually enhancing participatory practices. The time for dilly dally is long gone. It is time for one to practice what one is preaching.

Aligned to one of the principles of Balgangdhar Tilak i.e. of rights and responsibilities, it is the birth right of future generations to be bequeathed with the pristine environment that Fiji and the Pacific Islands is noted for and that our grandparents once enjoyed. TEAM TILAK strongly believes that it is the school’s responsibility to support all leaders, whether at micro or macro levels, by practising concepts of sustainability. Our Honourable Prime Minister has already taken the first step to highlight importance of environmental sustainability at global platforms.

Tilak High School pledged its support to COP23 by saying NO TO PLASTIC BAGS. To paraphrase Neil Armstrong’s first words on the Moon, This is a small step for man and a giant step for the survival of nations and mankind.
Tilak High School humbly invites you all to join in our pledge.
Lets go where there is no pathways but make trails for others to follow.
 “We spend our days waiting for the ideal path to appear in front of us, but what we forget is that Paths are made by Walking, not by Waiting”- Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Let our signatures be an autograph for the future generations and for the survival of our mother earth. Together we can!!!

    “Plastic Bag free Tilak” initiative will see a Reduce in carbon emission the use of Reusable woven bags instead of plastic bags. Students have been advised to Refuse plastic bags in school as well as implement that habit at home as well so that we all can together cut down on carbon emission significantly. This initiative falls well in line with our 5R Programme that also includes our Recycling program and nurturing overall Respect for mother nature.

    Tilak envisages that these initiatives will promote us to Think Globally and Act Locally by collaborating together to reduce our individual and
    institutional carbon footprints and achieve the relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Team Tilak Advocates Cancer Awareness

The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honorable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.— Ralph Waldo Emerson
All members of Tilak Family came together when we learned of Mahima’s sarcoma cancer.   The school came up with various ideas to raise funds to help out Mahima. As such we reached out to parents, schools and businesses in the greater Lautoka area.

To boost donations towards this worthy cause, 5 Teachers of Tilak High School volunteered to have their heads shaven. The teachers are:
Mr. Maciu Vunivalu
Mr. Tomasi Qio
Mr. Navneel Ramlu
Mr. Kunal Kapoor
Mr. Ronal Prasad

This demonstrated the love, compassion and the support each one has for every other member of the Tilak Family. The teachers followed up on their commitment during Tilak Day and had their heads shaved.

The fund raiser drive received a boost when World Food With Love Mission (Fiji) donated FJ$10,000.This resulted into a collection of over $21,800.00.

Tilak has proven that when we work together we can move mountains.  As David Hume said “It's when we start working together that the real healing takes place”. Tilak Family renders their gratitude to every individual who have contributed towards this worthy cause. May God bless you for your generosity.

School Rallies for Classmate in Need

STUDENTS, parents and staff of Tilak High School in Lautoka have rallied behind cancer patient and school prefect Mahima Pillay who needs urgent overseas treatment after relapsing.
Yesterday, the parents of South Korean students Min Seok and Gahyeon handed over $10,000 on behalf of members of the Food with Love Mission New Zealand — an organisation that found out about Ms Pillay's struggle to find financial aid for her treatment.
Year 10 student Gahyeon said she wanted to help Pillay who needed surgery in Melbourne, Australia.
"She's very sick and she was in need of help so we wanted to help her as an organisation," she said.
Gahyeon's mother Youme Sul said she was happy to be able to help Ms Pillay. Food with Love Mission New Zealand member Misuk Park said they heard about Ms Pillay's plight on social media and immediately wanted to help. "We have members in Australia, New Zealand and South Korea and most of them wanted to help."

An overwhelmed Ms Pillay was touched by the outpour of support from students, parents, staff members and well-wishers.' "I just want to thank all of these good Samaritans for their support in my hour of need," the 19-year-old said. "The money will be used for my treatment and hopefully I will come back with a clean bill of health and all of this was possible through their help. "This was a relapse after seven years and after the surgery, I would need aftercare through medication and all of this will go towards that." School principal Sashi Bhupendra Singh said helping Ms Pillay was a rewarding experience for the school. "We believe in the virtues of a family and we are there for her. I'm glad that we are getting support from organisations and students who would like to see her back and continue her education," he said.
Source: http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=408187
Article by: Repeka Nasiko
Date: Wednesday, July 12, 2017