Update to Parents


Students are supported and reminded of the need to achieve the highest possible standard. Intense follow-up ensures no one slips through the cracks. However, if students neglect their responsibilities, parental involvement becomes necessary. When there is a need, parents are called in to the school. Alternatively, parents who want to be updated about their children may call the school for an appointment.


Examination Attendance: Attendance is compulsory for all school scheduled internal exams.I note with regret that few students become absent during this important exercise(s) conducted by the school on a regular basis. I suggest all parents and guardians familiarize themselves with the school examination policy to avoid any problems.

Late Arrivals: Despite so many meetings and reminders, late arrivals is still a concern. The assistance of parents is humbly requested to ensure students wake up early and the meals are prepared on time.

Surprise Celebration:To maintain uniformity for all children in school and the MOE's Health Policy, Tilak High School does not allow any surprise celebration as per parents wish in the school. Any organization should be arranged through the Form Teacher well in advance upon the Principal’s approval.

Parental Engagement Framework and Strategies

The Pillar 4 of the Education Reforms states that parental engagement increases active participation, communication, and collaboration between parents, schools, and communities with the goal of ensuring student achievement and success in education. This is supported by evidence from research over the past few decades, which demonstrate that parental engagement significantly impacts on the academic outcomes and social and emotional wellbeing of a child. Therefore, parents need to provide a supportive and stimulating home environment for learning by emphasising the importance of education and fostering a love of learning.
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